Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Inspiration 4 Girlss...

Hi girls, I am Khushbu. You all do not know me but I knew all of you. I am here today to share with you some known or unknown issues of life. But, First let me introduce you with myself. My name is Khushbu khemka. I am 23 and have completed PG. Recently recruited for Wonder Of Words (WOW). A private organization Run by famous International Writer Megha Bajaj. I am a Girl with having a very big Thankful Heart and Happy for my Life. I also wants to do something Big and Wonder in life instead, of having lots of difficulties and tough times. Further you have to read this story for acknowledging me. I included my true life complete Biography in this story.

Now, here I begun to share with you main topic of the story. That is… “HOW   GRACEFUL FOR YOUR LIFE IS.” Life is God Gifted thing as all of you know. And we get only one life to live, this was also known by us. So what we don’t know. Actually we knew everything as we are the girls of 21 century. We are not behind in or by anyway. So what is the thing we don’t remember. The only thing we have forgetten from life is how to Live Life.In all of ours busy and hectic schedule of live we forget our happiness in somewhere.We will only live with tensions and only tensions. Whether it was for carrier planning, education, marriage, wealth,family matters, social or political issues etc. the only thing we carry with us is; lots of burden in our head. And that is real also.Especially,  In this stage of life (i.e. youngster) all of us have some difficulties and some dreams from which we have to suffer.

But in all this struggle we forget what we actually have in our life.Our life is very grateful and  wonderful for us.But we don’t behave with him sincerely. We actually don’t have faith for our life. And the only thing all of us have for life is only complaint and complaint. Girls come on wake up. See what you have in your life is very wonderful. You have caring parents, best friends, good education, lovely family and your own self Beauty also.(hehe).
Girls you are more smarter and and forward than today's boys. You are not burden on your parents, instead you are stick for them in their old ages. You are not ABALA NARI. You are tummorow’s future of country as well. You have to be strong and bold in every way. You should not have to find guilt or any type of weakeness in your inner heart.
Be graceful. Be thankful. Live life in its own. Life is not only for living it, instead it is for enjoying it with open heartly. Here I would tell you something about myself that helps you to be grateful for your life.

As, I have told you earlier that I am Khushbu. I want you to know one more thing about myself. Actually I am physical disabled. I have been in this condition since the age of 4 year. I have to go through such a very difficult times, which is very difficult to describe in Words. In starting, my disease was only a common fever. But, by giving wrong treatment by doctors it was converted into severe disease which was called ARTHRITICS. I went to every part of India for Treatment- Chennai, Varanasi, Mumbai and so many others city also. Hundreads of doctors treat me, but till anyone can’t treat me correctly. Years passed and passed my disease will become more and more severe and I reached the age of 13. In this I have to suffer another big shock. That was I lost my father. As I am very close to him, it was not easy for me to survive without him.But, then as their was popular proverb- OINTMENT OF TIME FILLS EVERY WOUNDS. After that Days, Months and Years are passed away. And my condition is becoming more and more severe. And Later doctors said that their was not any treatment for me. And if we have to take chance it is very risky and costly. Which we can’t affort by both way.But despite of all these I remain continuity with my studies. Still having difficulty in writing and peoples objections, I have face all these very strongly. And I got success in this. Today I have completed my Post Gradution. Family matters also effect me deeper way. But, still then I have to remain constant with my work and life. If sometimes I felt as weaken I remember those things which god gave me. I close my eyes and say thanks to god that whatever he gave to me is very graceful and I always be thankful for him for giving me such things. Presently, my condition is I am totally dependent on others. From glass of water to setting of hairs. Every work of mine is done by my mother.  But instead of all these I didn’t loose hope from my life. As my father makes me very brave and strong girl. And told me to fight strongly with any obstacle coming in the way of success.
So, girls plz don’t find yourself weak in any way. If there is any problem in your life do not makes complain or feel weak in any way. But face it by strongly Chest Expanding. As, it is not a big thing- and there is always some problem in everyone”s life. So, don’t depressed for about that.

  You have to see what your life gives to you. You should see what you have already in your life is very good and fine for you. As, it is created by god for you only. You are special in your own. So enjoy the life from your deep heart and always be thankful for him. And then, see how your life becomes to change and you became the happiest person in the world.


As, I gave you example of mine life I have no reason to live and happy. But I did it for my sweet mom. As I knew the value of life is precious stone which ones lost would not got back again. I am not telling that I am great, see other girls of India which haved kiss the success of sky. Like Kalpana Chawala, Sunita Williams, Pre. Of India Smt. Pratibha Patilji and lots of examples are their in which girls makes high success. That’s why I am saying you that girls are the future of India. Government of India also takes strict steps towards the Abortion of Baby child Girl. As, anyone found doing this should be Arrested by engaging in case of Murder. So, I want all of us should be united for stopping such crime and be aware not to do such bad thing in whole life by mistake in mistake.

Now, at the end I only want you to be always thankful for your life. So, take Resolution Now to be happy and Grateful for your life. I promise you once you take Resolution you will never found Disappointed from your Life. And always give thanks to God for such a beautiful and Lovely Gift (Life) he select to given to you.

For more deeper Research for Life we would discuss it in my next composition, which would be soonly Launched. Till then,



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Life of pain:):

Pain, As we all are very familiar with this word and threats in hearing this word also. All of us, daily get connect with pain; the only difference is some in low quantity others in higher volume, but it is definite to get contact with him relationship. Whether we want this or not this is not based on our wish. Decision is taken by pain itself whether he will give his blessings to you or take more test of your patience.
Pain has the power to hurt all living things, Man and animals. And in living things also there are some parts which got blessing from god to be relieved from pain. This is hair and nails of human and animals. Hairs and nails not have the sensitivities of pain. They received the blessing from god that when they have been cut they don't have the feeling of pain (conditions apply).                                                                                                                
This story is of pain. Here pain tells and explains his duties and work he has to do and while performing his duties what situations he has to pass. Pain and his journey was explained by himself. 
Pain tells that god gave him such a difficult task for doing. His task is not easy to perform, while performing his work he also suffers from deep pain. Pain told there two types of person from which I have to dealt with. One is feared and weak and; second is confident and patiently  When I was given task to go through first type of people it is very easy for me. Feared and sensitive peoples feels me a lot more than I really exist it them. They became me so big because of thinking my pain already given or ready giving to them. All the time they think that I apperear in them in whether here or there. They even call/recalls me if I leave them to my goodness, all because of there thinking it in too much and have feared me a lot. They don’t have power to face me and accept my challenge. Even if mosquitoes bites him and I gave him frequency of 0.000000001 pain units they shouts and behave like I gave him 9.99999999 units. They even cant want to be strong and face me by strength and power. So they made my work so easy to do. My work is to give feeling of pain to pre-desire person either by hook or by crook. But , yeh I have difficulty in second type of peoples which are strong and patience.  Because of having high strength and no-fear patience they faced my challenge with “come let’s play the game” like task. They not have fear of me, instead they are confident that after got some hurled from me they will run out me from their life forever. They accept me unconditionally and neither get frustrated nor got tired of all that pain I gave to them. Even if I gave them 9.999999 pain units, they accept this with their determination. They don’t make me too large all the the thinking of me even if I were big they made me small by not giving attention to me. so because of not reminding me again and again I have disappeared from such peoples. And also while seeing their dedication and positive thinking I don’t have power to fight them any more. I go back leaving them with a condition, in terms of having not to your life in lump amount you have to daily workout for this and get in touch with me, instead I come in such a big amount and ticked to you permanently. 
Pain told he doesn't feel good to hurt others but god give him this important responsibly for the welfare of humans. God explains if anybody doesn't have the feeling of pain he cant knows the feeling of joy, if none can have the difficult and complicate period in life , they don’t be able to enjoy fullest happy and easy life; so if one have to got its fullest from life, one have to pass through such a difficult situation strongly and enjoys the taste of life.     

Monday, 6 May 2013

Self Help.

Self Help is powerful word in itself. It does not need any explanations or summary to describe this word. this two word has tremendous power in it. From only hearing of this word 3-4 times without any further affirmation one can starts getting self confidence and feeling energetic. One start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY OF HIS OWN LIFE. All of us, are commonly know the proverb that "God Helps those Who helps Themselves".  It's really true beside all scientific reasons and in this new era of world many of us do not believe tn this term. we only knew that all that we are getting is because of our hard labour or not      
by our labour. and beside this more than that we will tell this to be our luck and accept it as it is. even some of us don't try to change them. instead , some try to change and do not got succeed we leave it on midway and tell our-self this is behind my control i am not be able to do that. Perhaps this should not for me. or i am not capable to this or that. god will not help me in getting this. maybe, it was fruit of my bad deeds in this birth or previous birth. my good-luck never supports me in getting things which i want form life at anytime.

complain! complain!complain!

we tell these all complaining sentences to our-self and stop trying enough of accomplished our pre-determined goals of life. and give satisfaction to our-self by telling these sentences to our-self in inner world of trying further more enough.

Stop for a while. Think some of these questions from your honest inner heart.
Have i tried enough in getting my dreams come true? have i do all my duties rightfully and never loose hope in achieving what i want to achieve? have i continuously work hard in this path? have i done it by my fullest intellect, complete stamina, willful heart, tireless attitude, positive outlook? If your answer is no or you have doubt in your answer then it time for you to get up start collecting your goals right now make make list of how to achieve it with successfully. and if your answer is yes, and you are completely sure about it and till not reach your goal leave the path and find the new one. And there is also popular lines in this field. WINNERS DO NOT FOLLOW OTHERS LINES THEY SELF DRAW THEIR LINE .

In, all these i only tell all of you not to give up easily until and unless you would fully try enough of achieving your dreams and goals. Further make a new refreshing goal by analyzing all facts of your conditions and capabilities to not leave it again in midway.

SELF HELP IS MIRACLE WORD WITH A TREASURE INSIDE IN IT. If you want to get that treasure from this word use it in its purest form and with your smart intellect. I am sure you will  definitly get results in the form of Success.